Structure of a Scolvo project

A Scolvo project consists of multiple files holding device specific content. For a given device type at least the main scolvo script and device specific dictionary for one language is mandatory.

Minimal content of the script directory for a device type:

  • <deviceType>.scolvo

  • and <deviceType>_dictionary_<language>.properties

Supported deviceTypes

The following device types are supoprted by the Scolvo Client Framework:

  • mobile: for Android and iOS devices

  • mhub: for management console logic where the client is a browser

  • tablet: similar as mobile, but has higher resolution

  • webapp: general purpose browser clients

  • backend: specific script set for the Backend’s business logic

Available application clients

The following client types are available when working in Scolvo Client Framework:

  • Android native client: uses mobile device type

  • iOS native client: uses mobile device type

  • Scolvo Mhub client from browser: uses mhub device type

  • Scolvo Webapp client from browser: uses webapp* device type falling back to **tablet and finally to mobile device type

Supported languages of a project

When working with a Scolvo project, the list of supported languages is defined (at least one).For these languages all device types should have a dictionary file. The language codes has two letters, e.g.: en, sr, hu, etc.

Script directory structure of an example project

/ - backend.scolvo
  - mhub.scolvo
  - mobile.scolvo