Scolvo Playground

The Scolvo Playground is a place where the Scolvo Development Platform can be tried-out without installing it in local environment. It makes it possible to edit an example application and use a virtualized Android or iOS client to see the code running on mobile devices.

You can create an account and then log in to the Playground. After a successful login you are able to:

  • View, edit and try out a simple Scolvo script based mobile application. Note, that this is a public demo instance. All data you enter will be publicly available. If you are new to the platform reset the script for your optimal experience.

  • Access your profile: you can set your name, password and request a new developer license for local development,

  • If you make any modification while you are signed in to the virtualized applications, changes will only be reflected once you sign out and sign back in again.

  • A Web-view of the mobile application can be accessed after the log-in to the Playground’s webapp.

Hint: For the full experience download our Scolvo VS Code extension and try the platform in your local dev environment.